Hello my name is Leah and this is that beautifully slow, but sure process. I believe in this life, myself, and you ♥.
People say I talk too much so I'm trying to write more.
  • Saturdays in Oceanside for work and The Cup 💚

  • Everyone who knows me well knows I’m a huge Myers-Briggs geek, but this blog post (regardless whether you’re thinking of being a lawyer) is so fascinating I had to share. It’s part of a series breaking down a person’s MBTI traits and the correlation to the different job environments in which you might find optimal satisfaction.


    The test for people who’ve never taken it before: 

    If you do take the quiz, make sure to google your type as there are a LOT of analyses out there on each type. If you were truthful with yourself on the survey, the descriptions tend to lead to a bit more self-awareness! Or you can be a loser like me whatever.

  • Nesting ☺️😛 thank goodness for wall decals 💚

  • Was walking to my apartment exasperated by street hecklers when the neighborhood groundskeeper stopped me to give me a bag of peaches. I was just craving some too!! 😊 the little (good and meh) things of every day <3

  • "This is a place to discard worldly thoughts and concerns and see oneself as a small, but integral part of the universe". 🍃🍂🌳💛

  • Cosmic Monkey Comics and hot chocolate. MarchFourth Marching Band. Miyazaki film festival at the Northwest Film Center. The zoo. “Kindie rock.” The “grilled cheese bus.” Oaks Park six-dollar preschooler days. A zombie musical for kids. Trapeze class. Picking berries on Sauvie. The libraries.

    I thought I loved Portland before my daughter was born. It seems to me now that was just a crush.Thisis what it feels like to love a city: to know that I can count on it to light Clementine’s mind on fire every day in some new way, to keep her vigorous and fascinated—and muddy. To keep mehappy, along with my husband and countless other parents, as we figure out how to grow our small people into interesting big people.

    Thirteen years ago Jim and I moved here straight out of art school and hunkered down to write and draw. Portland has been the perfect bubble in which to nurture our own creative lives and careers, and now it has taken on this tremendous new dimension as a kid’s city: playground, wilderness, book paradise, riverscape, art-land, and center of quirk. It’s a beautiful, inexhaustible puddle to stomp in. 

    Laini Taylor is the author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy; the final installment of the series, Dreams of Gods & Monsters, appeared this spring. 

    I’m so excited to give my wanderlust heart a little spark of travel again this weekend! PDX suggestions are gladly welcome!!!

  • Keizersgracht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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